SoftballAdult Slow Pitch Softball

Our softball ministry has been around since 1993.  We offer three separate leagues each summer.  Season runs from May through early August.


Men’s Leagues

Thursday Coed Leagues
14 Thursday Coed Playoffs

Friday Coed Leagues


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1. We encourage and hope that each head coach and assistant coach are active participants in a church family
2. Both head coach & assistant coach must attend the Pre-Season Coaches Meeting
3. Both coaches will be included in all league communications and will communicate with league directors
4. Coaches will develop relationships with players and encourage all players to participate in devotion times
5. Coaches will maintain integrity with league but following all rules, especially using eligible players at all times


If a team is sponsored by a business or group, other than a church, the sponsor and shirts must reflect our Christian environment.
No shirts or banners may directly promote; alcohol, tobacco, pornography, gambling, witchcraft or any similar areas.  If your team is not sponsored by a church, you must first get approval from the NICC Community Pastor to promote your sponsor